Tips to Earn Serious Money Selling with Amazon
created on 2020 2 19 Wed 12:13

how to make money on amazon

The year to actually put into practice what you’ve been thinking of doing for ages – selling on Amazon’s Marketplace.

There really is no better time.

Take a look at these stats:

195 Million Monthly Unique Visitors (in the U.S. alone), 300 Million Active Customers in More than 20 Countries. Since Third-Party sellers Joined Amazon in 1999, they now account for 53% of the sellers.

Launching your business brand on Amazon does however take some thought and consideration. There is serious money to be made, but let’s do it right.

In this article, we are going to focus on the three key methods for finding items to sell on Amazon.

These three ways are:

1.     Wholesale Route

2.     Retail Arbitrage Route

3.     White Label Route

Using one of these three methods are tools for discovering NEW products to sell.

The vast majority of purchasers on Amazon are looking to buy new items.

Let’s take a look at the three ways, so you can decide for yourself which strategy you’d like to adopt for your business.

The Wholesale Route

This route includes collaborating with brands that already are in existence, along with their distributors, to obtain volume orders of their items in order to sell them.

The Positives for the Wholesale Route

·       The promising return on investment

·       Minimal requirements on your time once you are off the ground

The Negatives for the Wholesale Route

·       You need a lot of experience

·       You need a lot of capital to start off on this route

The Retail Arbitrage Route

Okay, what is Retail Arbitrage?

Retail Arbitrage is a fairly easy to follow concept.

retail store (such as Walmart, Target, etc.) sells a product (either online or in-store) for a specific price. You go ahead and buy that item, and then sell it for an elevated price yourself – ta da – profit!

The Positives for the Retail Arbitrage Route

·       Straightforward – scan the product barcode in store into your phone

·       Choose items with a specific profit margin, ensuring minimal effort and maximum certainty

·       A clear journey to developing the experience and capital needed for wholesale, therefore in the future, you’ll be more experienced to develop your own brands

·       Low initial investment

The Negatives for the Retail Arbitrage Route

·       You need a lot of time on your hands initially, finding the right products to sell

·       It can be tricky to control the condition and quality of the retail arbitrage products

The White-Label Route

Okay, what does White-Labelling products mean?

Amazon Private label (or white label) is a route for wannabe Amazon sellers to sell products that are manufactured with a bespoke business brand.

When you own a brand or label it creates an identity of its own which can benefit from lots of sales!

The Positives for the White-Label Route

·       Low marketing and sales costs

·       Long-established private labels on Amazon have the potential to drive recurring sales throughout the year.

The Negatives for the White-Label Route

·       Sales add to your revenue, although not to you your brand equity

·       Revenue margins are typically significantly less.

The following stats will give you some indication of the product categories that sell best on Amazon:

·        Electronics and Media is the most relevant sector with a net sales share of over 50%

·        Furniture and Appliances are the second more purchased item at 18.85%

·        Food and Personal Care sits at 14%

·        Toys , Bobbies & DIY generate 12.5%

·        Fashion 3.4%

·       Over 80% of net sales are generated in the United States

·       43.13% of Amazon’s traffic is direct

·       23.73% of Amazon’s traffic is through search

The Bottom Line

As you can see, selling products on Amazon’s marketplace, and making the (serious!) money selling is a very thorough process that requires a substantial amount of time to get your head around.

Most new businesses selling through Amazon enjoy return of investments in the initial three months since their first launch (and none of them have stopped selling ever since). 

If selling on Amazon sounds good to you, why not give it a go?

The Amazon Marketplace is an exciting new chapter for your marketing and selling efforts. It’ll require substantial effort in the beginning, but the effort is more than likely to reap rewards.

You can try out the retail arbitrage strategies that are we’ve discussed in this article in just a few hours, and going through that process should give you a really good insight into how it all works.

How to Earn Your Money on Amazon – Top Selling Tips

1.     Work to Continually Improve Your Performance

2.     Use Free IO Scout Amazon Sales Estimator

3.     Follow Amazon’s Rules!

4.     Identify the processes an Amazon order will follow.

5.     Use Amazon reviews to your advantage

6.     Practice makes perfect. Test, test, and test some more. Learn and implement new methods to help drives sales.

7.     Manage your inventory effectively

8.     Prioritise customer service

All About Keepa
created on 2020 2 15 Sat 13:09

If you're looking to watch and track the price of the top products on Amazon, Keepa is one of the leading options. Easy to use and extremely convenient, this tool will give you an entire history of the price of a certain product. Identify market trends with IO Scout product trends for Amazon right now!Additionally, it also features a tracker that helps sellers check the sales rank of a specific product. In this article, we will offer a detailed Keepa review, assessing its features, tweaks, and different functionalities.

Keepa- The Basics

As previously mentioned, Keepa is a tool dedicated to offering information about the price of a certain product. It is available as an extension and can be used on leading browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer (both old and new versions) and Mozilla Firefox.

Since its inception, Keepa has successfully grabbed attention for the incredible features it comes to offer. You can directly embed the tool to your browser to track the price and sales rank of popular products.

Being an extension, installing it is quite simple, and the product also lives up to expectations in the ease of use department.

how to use keepa

How Much Does it Cost?

When Keepa was first introduced to the market, it was available free of cost. However, the makers decided to introduce a price in a bid to leverage its popularity. As of now 2019, this extension can be purchased at $15 every month. As of now, you can only subscribe to this tool on a monthly plan.


As previously mentioned, Keepa is feature-rich to say the list. You can use this tool for getting price related details about Amazon marketplaces across the US, UK, Germany, Australia, and France. Countries like Germany, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico have also made it to their list. Of late, they introduced this facility across Asian countries allowing Japanese, Chinese, and Indian Amazon merchants to make use of the tool.

You can use the price tracking tool across ten local currencies. It will apply to around 500 to 800 million products. The best part: the list of products is ever increasing.

Note that Keepa allows you to export all the data. This way, you can use and tweak it as and when needed. In the following section, we will take a closer look at some of the features.

keepa extension


The biggest highlight of Keepa lies in the fact that it allows you to check through products as per the categories and the type of deals. Owing to this facility, you can differentiate between new and used products. The same feature will allow you to separate collectibles and refurbished items.

Another excellent feature of this tool is that it allows you to browse products according to the time interval of the price drop, and the overall range of price and discount.

Note that all the products featured here will come with a price history graph from Amazon. Additionally, it will have its own set of tracking options for the products whereby you can filter it depending on the overall desired price, the desired price for new products, the desired price for old or used products and more.

We also loved the fact that the tool will offer its own real-time, tracking alert. As a user, you'd be able to receive the alerts as browser notifications and email notifications at the same time.

So, in a way, Keepa will offer real-time information about the latest and best deals. This will further help you categorize the product in a way so that it ends up generating maximum sales.


Since Keepa comes with a dedicated feature for tracking price, you will receive instant notifications if the price of your preferred item meets a certain point or threshold. You can start tracking prices of Amazon products with a simple registration.

Once you’re done registering, click the ‘track product’ option for initiating the process. At this point, you will have the flexibility of setting a specific price limit for a product that’s directly offered by Amazon. Alternatively, you can also use this facility on both used and new marketplace offerings.

After this, you can click the 'start tracking' option and the 'continue as guest' option on the following page. As of now, you can opt for notifications via Email, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Website push, their dedicated Android app, and the RSS feed.

The extension allows you to sign up for one or multiple modes of tracking when done individually. This tool will feature information about the lightning-fast deals, and it will instantly rearm alert timers every two days. This is a default feature and it is extremely useful in offering updates about a product even if it was sold at your preferred price previously. For better tracking, sign up for a free account on Keepa.


Yes, Keepa also comes with a feature whereby you will receive app notifications about the latest deals, information about price changes, and everything in between. This feature is currently available for the Android app, and it is an excellent option for anyone who’s looking to stay well abreast of all the changes that are taking place with respect to the price of the latest products. 

Buyers looking for the most lucrative deals have duly leveraged this facility. Additionally, agencies looking to retrieve details about their clients to stay ahead in the competition will find this feature equally beneficial.

Among the many app-based updates, you are going to receive, some of them are listed below:

  • Data or Price History : Thanks to this feature, you will find a detailed insight to every relevant change in the product’s price history.
  • Used and New: This feature will update you with the deals against both new and used products.
  •   Warehouse Deals: You will also get deals concerning the warehouse, the FBA, the FBM, and other collectibles.
  •  Rank : You will find app notifications about the sales rank of a product, its current offer count, rating count, review count, and more.
  •   Other Details: You will find extensive category details, search and browsing details, and list of best-sellers up to 500,000 ASINs.


You can use the Data option to find the best tools available on Keepa. It is one of the biggest highlights of this extension and given the benefits it offers, the ‘data’ feature certainly stands ahead of other tweaks.

When it comes to data, the ‘Product Finder’ option of the extension is a great addition. It allows you to conduct a thorough search on the database of the tool. Next, you can filter through the options to find the product you want. To stay updated about your product list, simply add it to the ‘watch list’.

The next tweak in line is the ‘Product viewer’. As evident from the name alone, this is an excellent tweak for importing a list of products. This is the same list of products that you had initially added to the ‘Watch List’.

Keepa Extension also comes with a feature called 'Bestseller list'. As you'd guess from the name, this is a list featuring the top selling products available on Amazon. These products are then grouped according to categories.

The data section also has a ‘top seller list’ and the ‘category tree’. While the former lists the leading and top selling merchants of Amazon, the latter allows you to browse through the product category of Amazon.

Finally, the Keepa API is the only tool that involves payment. Use it for requesting a live price, overall price history, information about sales rank, overall offer count, and more.

Final Thoughts

Given these incredible features, the Keepa Chrome extension seems to be worth your time and money. The Keepa Amazon is a vital tool for buyers and sellers alike. You should certainly sign up for it if you're looking to find updated information about deals, discounts, and more. The functions are excellent, and the extension is worth your time.


Q. Can I Use the Extensions of Keepa on Google Chrome?

A. You can download Keepa by searching for it in the list of Google Chrome’s extensions. Once you’re done finding it, use this tool for assessing the average sales ranks, evaluating price stability, assessing price history, updating the products with new prices, and determining your risk profile with other similar offers.

Q. How to install Keepa?

A. Open the page of your preferred browser. Next, search for Keepa and click the ‘Get’ option. Depending on your browser, you may have to click this again. Finally, click the option for ‘Launch’ and if you're using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, click the option called 'Turn It On'.

Q. Can I use Keepa as an application?

A. While Keepa doesn’t have an app, the browser add-on will offer notifications on Android devices. Since this is subject to change, it is best to check Keepa’s website for updated details.

Q. How should I cancel my Keepa membership?

A. Canceling or unsubscribing Keepa is equally simple. Visit the extension page of the Keepa add-on and click on the 'Settings' tab. Next, click the 'Cancel Subscription' option to immediately cancel your subscription. Given this easy cancellation facility, Keepa is a top choice among many.

JumpSend Review: How is it Beneficial to Amazon sellers?
created on 2020 2 13 Thu 16:16

From May 2019, Jump Send made a move to join Jungle Scout, which is considered as a big win to its users. The service has been renamed “Launch,” but the features have not changed.

What to know About Jumpsend

Most Amazon sellers who want their products to gain traction always face a lot of difficulties. Visit also a blog with plenty of useful resources for Amazon FBA sellers. Receiving positive reviews is a vital factor for getting more sales but you have to sell to get those reviews. As a seller to get more sales, you have to increase your main keywords page rank, and to achieve that; you have to make sales.

How can you achieve that? It may put you in a confusing position, not knowing what to do. However, that is where JumpSend enters and plays an important role in ensuring you get more reviews and sales. Jumpsend services assist sellers on Amazon to increase their sales through the use of promo codes at the same time, ensuring they gain more positive reviews and less negative reviews.

How Does JumpSend Function?

  • Use of Follow up Emails

Every new seller in Amazon is always eager to get product reviews after launching a new item in the marketplace. Using follow-up emails is a great method to use as a seller to get the first reviews. After delivering to your customers the product they ordered, you email them to get feedback if they liked it and if they won’t mind leaving you a review. The method has proven to be effective and most customers tend to be happy when you check on them.

  • Amazon Giveaways

Amazon always positions its products according to how they sell. To generate more revenue, Amazon will position the top-selling items on its topmost page. As a seller, when you launch your new item on the market, your key goal is to ensure you make most sales as you can. Amazon Giveaway is a simple method to increase the velocity of your sales which also raises the rank of your products. One way of giving away items is by using seller central to create discount coupons. You are the one who decides the amount of discount you will give away. Notably, many sellers tend to use discount coupons ranging from 50% to 100%.

Even after reducing the prices through discounts on the product, you are still required to find buyers. That is where you can use sites like JumpSend. The site has a page that always displays all the items that are discounted. The Jumspsend deals page invites 100, 000 customers looking for discounted products. With 100,000 viewing the discounted items, you can easily increase your sales.

review kick Watches with discounted price on JumpSend

JumSend Review (Advantages and Disadvantages)

After getting a better understanding of how JumpSend deals function, it is of great significance to know its advantages and disadvantages.

 Let’s begin with the Advantages:

  • You can use it on Amazon

Nothing is as disappointing when you use an effective system, but in the end it leaves you with a suspended account. JumpSend is fully compliant with Amazon and it is created to remain that way. As a seller in Amazon, you will never lose reviews or be suspended in case you use JumpSend to attract more sales.

  • Cheap but Effective

The Jumpsend has more than 100,000 buyers who will purchase your products, making you have more sales compared to when using other marketing methods like paid Ads. However, some individuals hesitate to use Jump Send because of the price tag; but you should know that you will save more money if you use sites like JumpSend compared to other marketing methods. Moreover, you will attract more buyers hence increased sales.

  • Superb Customer Services

  JumpSend will help you offer excellent services to your customers. With the use of a follow-up Email and Amazon giveaways, customers will feel satisfied, and they will come back for more items.

Now let’s look at the Disadvantage:

  • Works in specific Marketplaces

The discouraging feature about JumpSend is that it only works in Uk and US markets. Let’s hope that in the future, the site will expand its market and allow everyone to use it.

Final Contemplation

If you want to launch your products fast on Amazon, using Jump Send would be the best idea. You cannot completely say it is perfect, but it has demonstrated its effectiveness in boosting sellers review and sales rank. If you are a new seller or you want to introduce a new product on Amazon, I would recommend JumpSend to launch your products if you want to be one step ahead of your competitors.

Sellics Review: What An Incredible Seller Tool to Develop Your Business on Amazon
created on 2020 2 11 Tue 13:37

Starting and running a business in Amazon is a bit easy. The challenging part involves growing the trade and competing with other sellers on the same platform to emerge the top. Presently, for your online business to develop, you need to use different analytical tools to discover the correct market measures which you will use to make better decisions for a cost-effective business.

As a trader in Amazon, probably you have used different analytical tools like Unicorn smasher or Jungle Scout, to research the market or other tools like JumpSend in managing your product reviews. That means if you want to run a successful business, you will have to use all those analytical tools together in a sequence. However, Sellics has brought positive changes to Amazon users since it performs different analytical activities as a single analytical tool. Traders can now use Selllics to analyze all the market metrics instead of using different analytical to achieve the same results.

What is Sellics?

Sellics is an analytical tool established in 2014. At first, it functioned as a Keyword ranking tracker but with time, other features were added to make it all-in-one analytical tool Amazon sellers can use for market analysis. Sellics has features that can be used to manage:

  • Review management
  • Competitor Inquiries
  • Amazon campaigns
  • Product and Keyword search
  • Items Optimization and SEO
  • Catalog management

It is hard to find an analytical tool that can handle all those activities at once! But Sellics has proven its ability without any doubt.

One good thing about the tool is its ability to pull detailed metrics and information from Amazon, then convert it into easy and flawless comprehension to digest. It is easy for any analytical tool that performs diverse tasks to confuse its users because of the many functions being executed. Sellics is commendable because it does not fall into that category that confuses its handler. After all, user experience is among its top priorities.

Nevertheless, it is somehow shameful Sellics display simply the previous two months' data.

Sellics offers two different software platforms: The Vendor Edition used by Amazon vendors and Seller Edition, mainly used by sellers.

Understanding how to use Sellics

At first, when you sign up to Sellics, the dashboard would be displayed on the screen and you can effortlessly switch between product detectors, niche analyzers, and spy tools. Moreover, you will see a “cockpit,” a dashboard filled with metrics, widgets and statistics. The “Cockpit” will make you understand better about vending on Amazon.

  • Product detector

The main tool function is to provide a comprehensive analysis of all the items that are registered on Amazon presently. It is programmed to discover profitable items that face less competition. The product detector has filters that show how the items are arranged hence the tool lets you purchase an item according to its reviews and sales rank.

  • Niche Analyzer

sellics pricing

The tool is designed to analyze competitors’ strengths and possible sales volumes within your product category. As an experienced seller, you may not know much time on this tool. However, when you want to launch a new item or join different product categories, the tool will prove its value by giving you detailed information which entails;

  1. The number of sales the top sellers in the product category makes
  2.  The total sum of sales the entire niche makes
  3. The total sales that you might achieve
  • Management of inventory

Many sellers find it hard to manage their inventory, particularly the ones who sell different types of products from different manufacturers. Sellics will put all the information about the stock of your items together and allow you to sum up the correct order dates and warn you when to refill your stock depending on sales speed, production, supply time, and up-to-date inventory.


  • Keyword Rankings

 Sellics also deal with searching keywords, discovering top-ranked sellers, and finding the different keywords that you can use for your product category. Moreover, it provides information about the keywords with less competition but has the utmost traffic. Sellics can be used to observe an item rank timely and it will assist you to know the areas you can improve.


Even though you can perform well using different individual tools, but the good thing about Sellics is the feature that allowed it to position all the tools you need to analyze the Amazon marketplace in one place. Being an Amazon seller is time-consuming because it involves different activities always-on motion. Therefore, if you get the chance to consolidate all your market analytics and performance measures in a single place, take it. The tool enables you to be a better seller because it offers you a platform where you can track different market measures using a single tool.