Sellics Review: What An Incredible Seller Tool to Develop Your Business on Amazon
created on 2020 2 11 Tue 13:37

Starting and running a business in Amazon is a bit easy. The challenging part involves growing the trade and competing with other sellers on the same platform to emerge the top. Presently, for your online business to develop, you need to use different analytical tools to discover the correct market measures which you will use to make better decisions for a cost-effective business.

As a trader in Amazon, probably you have used different analytical tools like Unicorn smasher or Jungle Scout, to research the market or other tools like JumpSend in managing your product reviews. That means if you want to run a successful business, you will have to use all those analytical tools together in a sequence. However, Sellics has brought positive changes to Amazon users since it performs different analytical activities as a single analytical tool. Traders can now use Selllics to analyze all the market metrics instead of using different analytical to achieve the same results.

What is Sellics?

Sellics is an analytical tool established in 2014. At first, it functioned as a Keyword ranking tracker but with time, other features were added to make it all-in-one analytical tool Amazon sellers can use for market analysis. Sellics has features that can be used to manage:

  • Review management
  • Competitor Inquiries
  • Amazon campaigns
  • Product and Keyword search
  • Items Optimization and SEO
  • Catalog management

It is hard to find an analytical tool that can handle all those activities at once! But Sellics has proven its ability without any doubt.

One good thing about the tool is its ability to pull detailed metrics and information from Amazon, then convert it into easy and flawless comprehension to digest. It is easy for any analytical tool that performs diverse tasks to confuse its users because of the many functions being executed. Sellics is commendable because it does not fall into that category that confuses its handler. After all, user experience is among its top priorities.

Nevertheless, it is somehow shameful Sellics display simply the previous two months' data.

Sellics offers two different software platforms: The Vendor Edition used by Amazon vendors and Seller Edition, mainly used by sellers.

Understanding how to use Sellics

At first, when you sign up to Sellics, the dashboard would be displayed on the screen and you can effortlessly switch between product detectors, niche analyzers, and spy tools. Moreover, you will see a “cockpit,” a dashboard filled with metrics, widgets and statistics. The “Cockpit” will make you understand better about vending on Amazon.

  • Product detector

The main tool function is to provide a comprehensive analysis of all the items that are registered on Amazon presently. It is programmed to discover profitable items that face less competition. The product detector has filters that show how the items are arranged hence the tool lets you purchase an item according to its reviews and sales rank.

  • Niche Analyzer

sellics pricing

The tool is designed to analyze competitors’ strengths and possible sales volumes within your product category. As an experienced seller, you may not know much time on this tool. However, when you want to launch a new item or join different product categories, the tool will prove its value by giving you detailed information which entails;

  1. The number of sales the top sellers in the product category makes
  2.  The total sum of sales the entire niche makes
  3. The total sales that you might achieve
  • Management of inventory

Many sellers find it hard to manage their inventory, particularly the ones who sell different types of products from different manufacturers. Sellics will put all the information about the stock of your items together and allow you to sum up the correct order dates and warn you when to refill your stock depending on sales speed, production, supply time, and up-to-date inventory.


  • Keyword Rankings

 Sellics also deal with searching keywords, discovering top-ranked sellers, and finding the different keywords that you can use for your product category. Moreover, it provides information about the keywords with less competition but has the utmost traffic. Sellics can be used to observe an item rank timely and it will assist you to know the areas you can improve.


Even though you can perform well using different individual tools, but the good thing about Sellics is the feature that allowed it to position all the tools you need to analyze the Amazon marketplace in one place. Being an Amazon seller is time-consuming because it involves different activities always-on motion. Therefore, if you get the chance to consolidate all your market analytics and performance measures in a single place, take it. The tool enables you to be a better seller because it offers you a platform where you can track different market measures using a single tool.