JumpSend Review: How is it Beneficial to Amazon sellers?

created on 2020 2 13 Thu 16:16

From May 2019, Jump Send made a move to join Jungle Scout, which is considered as a big win to its users. The service has been renamed “Launch,” but the features have not changed.

What to know About Jumpsend

Most Amazon sellers who want their products to gain traction always face a lot of difficulties. Visit also a blog with plenty of useful resources for Amazon FBA sellers. Receiving positive reviews is a vital factor for getting more sales but you have to sell to get those reviews. As a seller to get more sales, you have to increase your main keywords page rank, and to achieve that; you have to make sales.

How can you achieve that? It may put you in a confusing position, not knowing what to do. However, that is where JumpSend enters and plays an important role in ensuring you get more reviews and sales. Jumpsend services assist sellers on Amazon to increase their sales through the use of promo codes at the same time, ensuring they gain more positive reviews and less negative reviews.

How Does JumpSend Function?

  • Use of Follow up Emails

Every new seller in Amazon is always eager to get product reviews after launching a new item in the marketplace. Using follow-up emails is a great method to use as a seller to get the first reviews. After delivering to your customers the product they ordered, you email them to get feedback if they liked it and if they won’t mind leaving you a review. The method has proven to be effective and most customers tend to be happy when you check on them.

  • Amazon Giveaways

Amazon always positions its products according to how they sell. To generate more revenue, Amazon will position the top-selling items on its topmost page. As a seller, when you launch your new item on the market, your key goal is to ensure you make most sales as you can. Amazon Giveaway is a simple method to increase the velocity of your sales which also raises the rank of your products. One way of giving away items is by using seller central to create discount coupons. You are the one who decides the amount of discount you will give away. Notably, many sellers tend to use discount coupons ranging from 50% to 100%.

Even after reducing the prices through discounts on the product, you are still required to find buyers. That is where you can use sites like JumpSend. The site has a page that always displays all the items that are discounted. The Jumspsend deals page invites 100, 000 customers looking for discounted products. With 100,000 viewing the discounted items, you can easily increase your sales.

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JumSend Review (Advantages and Disadvantages)

After getting a better understanding of how JumpSend deals function, it is of great significance to know its advantages and disadvantages.

 Let’s begin with the Advantages:

  • You can use it on Amazon

Nothing is as disappointing when you use an effective system, but in the end it leaves you with a suspended account. JumpSend is fully compliant with Amazon and it is created to remain that way. As a seller in Amazon, you will never lose reviews or be suspended in case you use JumpSend to attract more sales.

  • Cheap but Effective

The Jumpsend has more than 100,000 buyers who will purchase your products, making you have more sales compared to when using other marketing methods like paid Ads. However, some individuals hesitate to use Jump Send because of the price tag; but you should know that you will save more money if you use sites like JumpSend compared to other marketing methods. Moreover, you will attract more buyers hence increased sales.

  • Superb Customer Services

  JumpSend will help you offer excellent services to your customers. With the use of a follow-up Email and Amazon giveaways, customers will feel satisfied, and they will come back for more items.

Now let’s look at the Disadvantage:

  • Works in specific Marketplaces

The discouraging feature about JumpSend is that it only works in Uk and US markets. Let’s hope that in the future, the site will expand its market and allow everyone to use it.

Final Contemplation

If you want to launch your products fast on Amazon, using Jump Send would be the best idea. You cannot completely say it is perfect, but it has demonstrated its effectiveness in boosting sellers review and sales rank. If you are a new seller or you want to introduce a new product on Amazon, I would recommend JumpSend to launch your products if you want to be one step ahead of your competitors.